Tania Elcome

I’m a freelance UX Designer dedicated to Information Architecture and based in Hamburg. I am interested in new technology, analytic and generally curious.

I have great interest in understanding complex user behaviours. I enjoy creating sitemaps and quick prototypes, then analysing the outcome and subsequently refining the user experience.

I’m looking forward to making a positive impact on peoples lives, by improving digital products and their intuitive use.

I am available for freelance work or pro bono for chariatable projects. Get in touch and drop me a line!



since 08/2021: Freelance UX Designer & Creative Director, Hamburg


2020-2021: UX Design Further Education at Career Foundry


seit 2015: Freelance Art & Creative Director, Hamburg

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Information Architecture, Customer Journeys, User Flow, Wireframing, User Testing, Prototyping, UI Design, Strategy

Sketching, Illustration, Photography, Video Editing

Web Development
Basic HTML, Javascript (jQuery), CSS 3



Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch, Optimal Workshop, Marvel, Google Survey, Usability Hub

Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Keynote, After Effects

Web Development
GitHub, Atom, Brackets


Slack, Trello

When I'm not working.

When I'm not infront of my computer I spend my time on adventurous trips, watch my tomatoes grow oder step up my vegan cooking skills.

Taking A Bus in Tibet

Breeding Beefsteak Tomatoes

Vegan Cuisine

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Tania Elcome
Over the years I have worked for over 100 clients in all shapes and sizes - from a small start-up business to international brands covering various work fields.


I am open-minded, curious and aim to get the best work done for every client I have worked for.


and experienced Creative Director

I create unique Corporate Designs or advertising campaigns that fit the client and their goals.

Art Direction
Advertising, Conceptual Thinking, Campaign, Branding, Graphic Design, Typography