Alcon Dailies

Sometimes glasses get in the way - especially while doing sports, at the club, on the beach or on a motorbike. Contact lenses are the ideal solution and the campaign addresses a young target group of first-time contact lense users. The Campaign runs across Europe.

Disciplines: Consultation, Campaign (Print, POS, Literature, TVC, digital, Social Media), Art Direction, Evolution CI/CD, Shooting-Preparation, PPM

Advertising Agency: häppy
Photography and Direction: Florian Geiss


Our protagonist shows situations where contact lenses are first choice. Alcon Dailies are available at the optician and a clever free trial system is part of the campaign to convince people with reservations or first time users. The campaign was rolled out in several European countries and includes TVC, Social Media, Landing Page, Online Ads, PoS and Print Ads.

Key Visuals


Alcon Dailies TVC

Corporate Design

We created a booklet with detailed information and guidelines to realise the campaign.

Then, agencies in other countries can incorporate translations into the masterfile and adjust them to meet their specific needs.

CI Manual