Project: Online Campaign for Pop-Up Salon in cooperation with Boucheron.


Background: Boucheron, a Parisian luxury jewellery collaborates with German jewellery dealer WEMPE. Both family businesses have a long tradition and high standards for their top-notch clientele.
Four WEMPE branch offices in Germany were turned into Pop-Up Salons with French flair to showcase Boucherons divine masterpieces.

Challenge: Two strong and professional brands communicate together for this event. To tackle the challenge we mixed elements of their Corporate Designs, so both can relate to the artwork. Our mission was 1) to invite customers to the event and 2) present two famous collections from Boucheron, both on display at the Pop-Up Salon.

The Campaign: We printed premium invitation cards; tailor-made for each branch to send out to their customers. The campaign fully evolved in social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) reaching out to young customers. A landing page and newsletters were used to build the informative foundation of the campaign.


Disciplines: Consultation, (Online) Art Direction, POS Design, UI Design, Video Editing

My Role: Freelance Creative Director


Digital Agency: Kundenbüro HH


Boucheron x WEMPE Key Visual

Key Visual


Facebook Instant Experience

This project was my first encounter with Facebook Instant Experience. It’s pretty impressive and versatile:
you can imply videos and photos,and swipe through carousels without leaving the mobile-optimised ad.

No sooner said than done.

Facebook Instant Experience Demo

Boucheron X WEMPE Overview Facebook Instant Experience

Overview Facebook Instant Experience

Facebook Carousel

The Facebook Carousel ads build a bridge between the lifestyle and image shots to the products. The carousel ads link to the landing page, our informative plattform with all the details about the brand, and the event.

Boucheron x WEMPE Facebook Carousel Ad (Quatre Collection)

Facebook Carousel Ad (Quatre Collection)


Landing Page WEMPE

An introduction to Boucheron is embedded in the WEMPE website. The user can study the luxurious jewellery collections, learn about the jewellers history, and get detailed information about the nearest Pop-Up Salon.

Boucheron x WEMPE Landing Page Pop-Up Salon