BSV Baukontor

BSV Baukontor is a newly established company dedicated to construction management.


Disciplines: Consultation, Logo Design, Webdesign and Business Cards
My role: Freelance Creative Director and UX Designer


Pen & Paper



Wave AIM

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

UX Design Tools for Vocapp

The Logo

BSV Baukontor Logo-Idea


A Nut screw and a pencil, both symbols of technical precicision are merged to form the logo for BSV.

BSV Baukontor Logo


The company operates in Hamburg and Northern Germany.

I chose blue as a primary colour to give it a hanseatic vibe.



Stationary and printed materials

BSV Baukontor Business Cards

Business Cards

Notebook "All big projects start with a small note."

Notice "Wet paint!"

The website

The website is mainly visited by craftsmen and investors looking for a specific piece of information. The concept is pretty straight forward. We placed the jump off to subpages directly on the homepageand and anchored it in the navigation. The redundancies are intentional and help users to find content quickly.

BSV Website on three devices