Devil Soups

Foodtruck Offering Homemade Soups and Stews

Disciplines: Consultation, Development CI/CD, Stationery, Online Advertising, Foodtruck-Design, Merchandise

My Role: Freelance Creative Director

The Logo

The name itself is an ideal hook for the logo design: Devil + Soup = Devil Soups

Devil Soups is set in a grim world. Therefor the negative white version of the logo is applied on a black background wherever possible.

Die Logo-Idee
Die Logo-Idee


Logo and Claim: Homemade and tasty as hell.

Corporate Design

The logo is used in numerous ways: social media, packaging design, website, staff clothing, merchandise, give-aways, stickers, and on the foodtruck itself of course.

The list is long and during the process we realised that we need logo variations and detailed guidelines.

Corporate Design Devil Soups

From the CI Manual


The essential collection: Business card, envelope and letter paper

Devil Soups Stationery Geschäftspapierausstattung


Packaging Design

The business plunged into a crisis when the pandemic hit and Devil Soups was forced to leave the trucks in the garage. We had the idea to fill selected soups and stews into jars. They come in two sizes (one or zwo servings) and include vegan, vegetarian and meaty dishes.

Lengthy research was involved until the right jars, lids and stickers were found. I designed the labels and produced roll-ups, social media ads, business cards and flyers to promote the new products.

Devil Soups Werbung Kampagne für Einmachgläser Etikettengestaltung

Packaging Design, Part one

Packaging Design, Part two