Edding International

Edding is famous for its iconic permanent marker, but the product range is so much bigger than you might expect. With textile markers, spray colour and porcelain pens DIY enthusiasts have countless possibilities to let their creativity run free.


Disciplines: Creation Campaign and Key Visuals for B2B and B2C (Print, Literature), Evolution CI/CD, Shooting-Preparation


My Role: Freelance Creative Director
Advertising Agency: häppy

Edding B2C Visual, Lacquer Pen "Start where others finish. Because I can. "

HL: Start, where others finish. Because I can.
Lacquer Pen

Edding B2C Visual, Permanent Marker "Making the wildest ideas permanent. Because I can. "

Permanent Marker

Edding internationale Imagekampagne "Because I can"

Textile Markers

Edding B2C Visual, Chalk Pen, Permanent Marker, Fine Liner "Simply getting on with it. Because I can."

Chalk pen, Permenant Marker, Fine liner