New website for enterprise mobility provider Alphabet.
Their extensive portfolio includes rentable company cars, fleet management, e-mobility, and covering the last mile. Sustainability, digitalisation, the desire for simplicity and comfort – new demands are being placed on mobility service providers in a highly competitive market.


A special challenge is, that in addition to the international appearance at, there are a total of 14 country websites around the globe and in various languages. The English international website serves as a blueprint and inspiration for the implementation of the individual country sites.

Disciplines: UX/UI Design

Role: Freelance UX/UI Designer
Agency: track


  • Figma
  • Teams
  • Miro
  • Confluence
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
Logos: Adobe XD, Usability Hub, Google Docs, Marvel, Optimal Workshop, Zoom, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign

Starting point

Previous structure and design


On the website, the company puts itself in the foreground, starting with the navigation with "Company", announcing new markets and personnel topics.

Alphabet has an self-reflective view and only appears downstream as a service provider.


New structure, new content and new design

The redesign of the site is accompanied by a change in attitude. With the new information architecture, Alphabet appears first and foremost as a creative and innovative service provider.

By placing People & Culture on the homepage, Alphabet establishes itself as a relevant employer.

Another addition is the "News &Trends" section, with informative studies and articles on the topic of mobility: from Smart Cities to The Last Mile and Wireless Charging. The site is enriched by an informative section that goes beyond the direct product portfolio.



UI Design


Building on the new corporate design by design agency Trufflebay, the principles for digital applications have been expanded and optimised.

The individual alphabet countries are enabled by means of widgets to implement their own pages autonomously and according to their needs. Among other things, the site serves as a reference to demonstrate the range and flexibility of the widgets.


New Menue

The homepage is reduced, and dedicated to communicating Alphabets core message.

Via click on "Menue" The flyout menu and the first level navigation turns visable.

When the user chooses a topic he second level navigation is then revealed.

This navigation provides a strong guidance and was created to ensure the user finds the desired information.