Jedes Team Ist Anders (JTIA)

(English: Every Team Is Different) Team development for Executives, Scrum Masters und Agile Coaches.
New Information architecture and reworks on responsive website.


Role: Freelance UX Designer

Disciplines: UX Design, Strategy, Consulting



JTIA is dedicated to strengthening teams and organises clear, practical trainings. There are also podcasts, blogs and recently a book was published.

The website had no emphasis on content - there were quite a few of long, text-heavy pages. In several workshops, a SWOT analysis was made, USPs and goals were worked out. This was followed by a revision of the sitemap, and the creation of wireframes.

To give the JTIA website more professionalism and seriousness, we integrated quotes from participants and more detailed vitas from Markus and Holger, the two coaches behind JTIA.


UX Design Tools for Vocapp
  • Miro
  • Webflow (Client)
  • Wave AIM

SWOT Analysis

During the workshop and SWOT analysis, the differentiators became clear and JTIA's objectives were also defined. The workshop helped both the client and myself to fully understand goals and weaknesses.

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The broad structure of the old sitemap has been streamlined. We focus on the trainings and combine other publications such as blog and podcast in one navigation category. The site is aimed more at the target groups of companies, Scrum Masters and People & Culture representatives.

All content was revised and shortened by JTIA - in addition, a FAQ page was created.


Previous Sitemap (click to enlarge)


Revised Sitemap (click to enlarge)


With mid-fi wireframes, we can visualise the information hierarchy and coordinate the page layout in detail.
As a new feature, the calendar on the start page provides information about upcoming events. Users can call up further details directly and register for a training.
The pages are closely interwoven via cross-linking and lead to detailed information on team development.