Devil Soups

Food truck with homemade soups and stews
Disciplines: Consulting, CI/CD development, business stationery, advertising, food truck design, merchandise
My Role: Freelance Creative Director

Corporate Design

The Logo

The name provides an ideal starting point for the logo design.

Devil + soup = Devil Soups

Devil Soups Logo-Idee
Devil Soups Logo-Idee

Devil Soups moves in a diabolical, dark world. Therefore, the white negative version of the logo on a black background is applied wherever possible.

Devil Soups Logo und Claim

Corporate Design Manual

The Devil Soups logo has many different uses: print, clothing, merchandise, give-aways, stickers, social media, packaging design, website and is applied on the food truck itself, of course. The list is long and the requirements for the logo could hardly be more divergent.

While developing it became clear that we needed several logo variants and detailed guidelines.

Corporate Design Devil Soups CI Manual

Business stationery

Basic equipment consisting of business card, envelope and letterhead/invoice sheet.

Devil Soups Stationery Geschäftspapierausstattung

Business stationery

Packaging Design

The pandemic required a talent for improvisation. We quickly came up with the idea of filling selected soups and stews in jars, which were also delivered by delivery service.
They are available in two sizes (one and two servings) and include vegan, vegetarian and meat dishes.

Lengthy research was necessary until the right jars, lids and labels were found. We also put together a small promotional package with roll-ups, social media ads, business cards and flyers to promote the new range in Airbus company canteens and local shops.

Devil Soups Werbung Kampagne für Einmachgläser Etikettengestaltung

Packaging Design I

Packaging Design II