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Adding content to the website and giving it a clear structure.

Babbel is a highly professional application. I appreciate the app asking its users about their goals, so the learning method and intensity can be adjusted. It's easy to navigate, looks fresh and inviting, and is entertaining because different learning methods are laid out for the user.

I have slight doubts if the app can convince as a learning app and not drift off to entertainment. Unfortunately the app is not free although the pricing is moderate.

The biggest pain point for me is the registration process with mandatory credit card details, even for the free 7-day trial.

User Persona

Vocapp User Persona Felix

User Persona Problem Statement

Felix needs a way to learn new words easily because he works for international, English speaking clients and wants to give a professional impression. He lives a busy life and can’t concentrate for a longer period of time. He needs short, repetitive tasks wit measurable results to stay motivated.