Corporate design for the digital agency VTDS based in Hamburg. They offer corporate design, websites, software solutions and social media management.


Role: Freelance Creative Director and UX Designer
Disciplines: Corporate Design, Logo Development, Website (WIP) and Business Stationery, Consulting


UX Design Tools for Vocapp

Pen and Paper



Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

The Logo

Logo idea

VTDS focuses on digital media and visual communication. The logo is an allusion to the landscape and portrait formats of the devices and their viewing patterns.

BSV Baukontor Logo


The choice of black and white as the primary corporate colours, combined with an unagitated, sans-serif typeface, is a deliberately chosen reduction.

In a world full of bright colours, the absence of colour drwas more attention. Furthermore, it simplifies the use of the logo.

Corporate Design

The Corporate Design serves to ensure consistency and uniformity in all communication and marketing materials. 

The manual includes guidelines for the use of logos, colours, fonts, images and other visual elements and contains instructions for the design of business cards, stationery and websites.